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The Dhun Project

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An initiative of Sony Pictures Networks and Sony MIX to give back to music





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About the Fundraiser

About The Dhun Project

The Dhun Project, is a structured initiative by Sony MIX under the aegis of its parent: Sony Pictures Networks. With this initiative we are committing ourselves to continually giving back to music and providing a platform for all music lovers to contribute to this cause. 

The Dhun Project focusses on two key areas:

  • Phase 1. Empowerment of musicians and 
  • Phase 2. Inspiring the younger generation to take up music in their lives

Towards the first phase, every year Sony MIX has committed INR 10 Lakhs to support a musician whose livelihood from music has been challenged due to substantiated reasons. This year we have identified Mr. Roshan Ali as the beneficiary. Listen to his story here: 

For the second phase of the project, we are reaching out to the 'music-lover' in each one of you to come forward and contribute as much as you can. The money raised shall go to SPICMACAY so that through their music events, our future generation also keep creating, enjoying and enriching their lives with music. 



Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPICMACAY) is a non-profit, voluntary, youth driven movement. It was started in 1977 to be able to take the finest aspects of Indian culture to the students enrolled in schools and colleges who did not have sufficient exposure to our own heritage. 

To know more about SPIC MACAY and its activities please visit


Let's give back to Music

We at Sony MIX, give you an opportunity to return the favour by contributing towards The Dhun Project. Any contribution from your side, as little as INR 100/-, will make a huge difference to music.

All you need to do is click on "Contribute Now"! 


Utilisation of funds

Each year the funds raised will be utilised by SPICMACAY for various causes that help promoting music and culture. They conduct programs of classical music, classical dance, folk, arts and crafts, cinema classics and heritage walks across schools and colleges in the country and abroad, in even some of the remotest areas. The purpose is to imbibe some of the finest ideas, that have been developed over centuries of experimentation but are now scarcely known, in minds of young scions and also broaden up their perspective towards the purpose of their being.


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