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Aakanksha Srivastava

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Under the shadows of the hills, away from humanity in the village of Samanpur, 60 km from Jamshedpur lives a tribe called "Sabar". They are among the eight identified Primitive Vulnerable tribes of Jharkhand. My encounter with them made me realize how fortunate I am and how difficult survival can be even if one is surrounded by ethereal beauty of nature. These landless tribal people must constantly battle ill health, sheer poverty and illiteracy for their day to day survival.

I was deeply impressed to learn that the Sabar have an age-old history of rich culture and Patriotism. They had not only showed strong resistance to the British dominance but have a glorious history that can be traced back to the mythical times of the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

For generations, these tribal people have been using Bamboo, Palm leaves and Kanshi grass, which are easily available, to make products such as brooms, ropes and baskets. They would then sell their products in nearby markets called "Haats". This fetches them Rs 500 or maximum of Rs 1000 per month.

 Ambalika which is a registered NGO in New Delhi, identified their talent and came up with an innovative programme which would harness the tribe’s potential in the grass craft and provide them a better and sustainable livelihood means. Ambalika has been able to reach out to 250 artisans so far and has a goal of reaching to many many more. Ambalika is helping them improve their skills by holding training sessions by NIFT, increasing their productivity by introducing new tools for design and development and finally helping them sell their products through trade fairs, melas, exhibitions  etc. It is very evident that Ambalika’s work has helped in the upliftment of their current situation and has simultaneously attained artistic renewal of these backward tribesmen.

While Ambalika’s efforts are laudable, they still have miles to go in their dream of skilling all the Sabar tribesmen, ensuring a way for their products to be sold in India as well as in the overseas market. Recently, Artisans won 'Kala Nidhi National Award' at Suraj Kund Interntional Fair 2017, first of its kind in Jharkhand,

Who would have thought that in such a remote location, there could be such a hidden talent that has the potential to compete with the best in the world? I feel deeply moved and motivated by the entire experience and want to be associated with this livelihood programme in the years to come. I want to begin my association with Ambalika through a small measure of raising a minimum sum of Rs 1 lakh, which  will help in the further training of the Sabar tribesmen.

I request you to support me in this quest by donating to Ambalika. Donations start at Rs 1,000/- . Ambalika will be giving tax benefit in the form of 80G Certificate. You can donate online or through a Cheque in favour of " Ambalika" that can be sent at the following address: 3902, Tower - 4, Planet Godrej, 30 K K Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 11. My phone no is : 09819838028.

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I will be happy to address any clarification you may have. Please text or whatsapp me at the number above.


Aakanksha Srivastava, B D Somani International School, Grade 9


A glimpse of the finished  products: 

For further information on Ambalika check out:

Facebook Page: A Languishing Primitive Tribe of Jharkhand Sabar



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